Keto Diet Review: Thoughts After 3 Years on the Ketogenic Diet (Read More Here)
After three years on and off with the keto diet, Mike has some major thoughts on the keto state of the union. Multiple large changes in direction along the way have changes his viewpoints multiple times, finally landing him at the most optimal form of this diet and eating in general.

Long story short: Living in a ketogenic state means living in a state of CONTROL. Appetite issues, dependency, and the blood sugar roller coaster are GONE. Sugar (and carbohydrate) addiction is VERY REAL, and when you rid yourself of it, insane things start to happen. BUT… the fear-mongering over protein is a HUGE mistake for many of us, especially athletes. Prioritize protein and don’t worry about ketone numbers!!

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A major thanks to Dr. Ted Naiman and Doctor Tro, two people who highly inspired this video (and we graciously use Ted Naiman’s excellent infographics).

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