Keto Cinnamon Babka Recipe – Easy Babka Recipe (sweet keto bread) Gluten Free Sugar Free

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Easy Babka Recipe for Jewish Easter. The Chocolate Babka and Cinnamon Babka I fell for in the Binging with Babish “Foods from Seinfeld” episode finally made keto! It’s basically sweet keto bread filled with cinnamon butter! totally sugar free and gluten free of course.

I have been trying to make this forever, Inspired by Binging With Babish and his Food From Seinfeld video. I could’ve adapted the Year Bread recipe made a few weeks ago but honestly, this is simpler, easier on carbs, takes less time and it’s delicious.

Nutritional Values per Slice: 310 calories, 3g Carbs (4g Fibre), 25g Fat, 17g Protein

Ingredients (makes a loaf / 6 slices)


270g / 9.5oz Mozzarella grated

2 eggs

85g / 3oz Full Fat Cream Cheese

65g Coconut Flour

1tbsp baking powder

1tbsp lemon juice

1tsp vanilla

1tsp xanthan gum

1tbsp brown sugar sweetener (sukrin gold)

Cinnamon Filling

55g Butter, softened

5tbsp brown sugar sweetener (sukrin gold)

2tbsp / 18g Cinnamon powder


Mason Batter Bowl (microwaveable)

Silicon Spatula

Silicone baking sheet

Large Loaf Tin

Hand Mixer

silicone rolling pin

coconut oil spray

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