Is Keto the Worst Diets Ever? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Could keto be one of the worst diets ever? Who decides? What criteria do they use? So many questions. I honestly almost fell off my chair when it was even suggested that keto could be the worst diet of 2019.

2019 has been an amazing year. I found the ketogenic diet in February 2018 and began my major life changing ketogenic diet in April the same year. The keto diet saved my hip, regulated my weight, and apparently solved my metabolic syndrome. Well, all of that benefit must have been in my imagination because I learned today that keto was rated number one on the worst diets ever list for 2019.

So the question in my mind, how did the ketogenic diet, which has the major stumbling block of people not being able to comply, lose out to the standard American diet. You see, if you comply with the keto lifestyle, you get many health benefits. If you comply with the standard American diet, you get many health issues … but yet keto was deemed the worst diet ever.

Don’t get me wrong. Up here in Canada, our diet mirrors the SAD. We are just as unhealthy following the standard Canadian diet. So how does keto lose so dramatically to SAD and SCD? Simply because they do not even consider SAD and SCD as diets.

The powers that be need to stop pretending that our food intake is not directly related to our health. This would lead them to stop pretending that our daily eating habits are unimportant. Diet should not be looked at as a short term way of managing our weight but as a long term way of building our body. Because unlike a house, we are building it on a daily basis. So the building materials do matter. Eat healthy whole foods to build the best quality body. And if you decide to eat “fun foods” that are high in carb, understand what that means to the body you are producing.

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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