High Levels of BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) on a Ketogenic Diet

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Dr. Berg talks about higher levels of BUN (blood urea nitrogen) on a ketogenic diet. When you get a urine test, BUN is one of the test that you will see. This represents the protein waste (urea) that is not being dealt with properly by the liver. There are a few common causes. And of course there are rarer causes too, which I am not going to talk about. But this video is about developing higher BUN right after doing keto.

1. Excessive exercise without recovery
2. Not enough vegetables (dandelion greens are great)
3. Low thyroid
4. Damage to the kidneys
5. Damage to the liver
6. High protein diets

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  1. My bun/creatinine was 31 in January. Waiting for lab results I did today. I watched your video, however I don’t eat raw veggies of any kind. Suggestions?

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