First Keto Grocery Shopping Trip. How to do it RIGHT!

Dr Dave discusses how to make your first Keto shopping trip a success, rather than a waste of time, money, and effort!

Here’s your shopping list outline! —

Coconut oil – Not great for cooking, but really good for a variety of other tasty purposes.

MCT oil. Absolutely not for cooking but it is a staple of Keto consumption for many. (More on MCT in another video.)

Avocado oil. Great for cooking.

Olive oil. Obviously.

Pecans. Amazing. You want them.

Brazil nuts. (Called “nuts’ in Brazil.) You want them too.

Almonds. Good. Not great. Just good.

Macadamia. The gold standard for nuts on Keto. They’re pricey no matter what you do. Amazon.

Steak. Always tasty, but on Keto ground beef is actually a better choice. Why? More fat.

Ground beef. Don’t buy lean. Buy 80/20 – or a higher percentage of fat if you can find it.

Chicken – Always great. On Keto dark meat is better. Why? More fat. White meat is better for breaking a fast. But that’s for another video.

Turkey – Love it. But since the white meat is damn near fat-free, plan on finding something fatty to eat with it.

Fish – One of my favorites. Some are better for Keto than others. Salmon!

Sardines – Try it. You’ll love them.

Pork – The other white meat.

Spam – It’s great on Keto.

Bacon – Perhaps the best part of Keto; unlimited bacon. Really. If you still hear the warning of idiot doctors in your head, stay tune to Busy Keto Life to get that corrected 🙂

Sausage – If you love it. Eat it. Abundantly.

Bratwursts. Johnsonville. I’m in love.

Summer sausage, Salami, Pepperoni, Hawaiian sausage, Kielbasa. Yes.

Garlic. Fantastic. Be careful of the carb count.

Salad greens. Cabbage, kale, chard, lettuce, etc. You know the drill.
Greens are important on Keto. Don’t neglect them.

Vegetables. Important on Keto. Check the carbs. Some are awesome (asparagus and broccoli). Some are crazy high on carbs and will throw you out of ketosis. (We’ll be talking about vegetables and Keto in another video.)

Salad dressing – High fat & low carbs

Mayo – Deviled eggs anyone? (Great on Keto.)

Eggs – Yes, thank you. Chicken or duck. Both are great.

Cheese – Most are good. Some are better than others. Highest fat, lowest carbs, is best. That’s pretty much the Keto rule for everything.

Heavy cream
Cream cheese.
(We’ll talk more in-depth about dairy another day. For now, moderation.)


Almond flour

Coconut flour

Coconut flakes. Unsweetened only!

Shirataki noodles. (They’re cool and we’ll be talking about them in another video.)

Cacao powder

Non-sugar Sweeteners:

Sucralose. No it doesn’t trigger insulin. Stop listening to BS on the internet.

Stevia. What is that aftertaste?

Saccharine. No it doesn’t cause cancer. Stop listening to BS on the internet.

Lots of other choices. These are mine. I like keeping things simple.

Pork rinds. Dip in your favorite fatty dressing. They are not only delicious, but hits the macro ratio beautifully. Yeh, I know…they’re pork rinds. Get over it.

Pink Himalayan salt. Way better for you than ordinary table salt. You need a good deal more sodium intake when on Keto (at least initially). Use it!

Vanilla, cacao & lemon extracts. You’ll thank me when you start Keto baking 🙂

Powerade Zero. Powerade Zero. Powerade Zero. Did I mention Powerade Zero? LOL
It’s a staple in my household.
As of summer 2018 there is also Gatorade Zero. Meh.

Pickles. Damn near zero on all macros, but puts something in your belly when needed. Dill is great. As always, check the label before buying.

Apple Cider Vinegar. I know many people dislike it. I used to. Keto changed my taste buds. Throw it in several ounces of “Powerade Zero”…especially the red flavor. It’s incredibly healthy for you. Do it. Figure it out. (We’ll be talking more about it in another video.)

Alfredo sauce (Brand recommended in video.)

Mustard. Your choice. Read the label.

Taco sauce – “Taco Bell” brand is zero on all 3 macros – and delicious!

Wasabi paste. Adds zing. Love it on salmon!

Lemons, or natural lemon juice. Drink a couple of glasses a day of lemon water. Not lemon flavored water. Water with actual lemon juice in it.

Pesto. Awesome. Moderation is key.

Tea for Keto-tea, as an alternative to keto coffee. (I address keto coffee in another video.)

Protein powder Keep protein per serving to no more than about 25 grams. (More on that in another video.)

Keto Meal – That’s a product’s name. It can help when you’re on the go and not at home. In a shaker bottle and it makes a good back-up plan.


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