Message: Health care will never be affordable when the public keeps becoming more and more metabolically damaged. And we’ll never stop the metabolic damage until we stop blaming fat for crimes it didn’t commit and promoting “health” foods that are anything but healthy. That’s the message of FAT.
Here are a few facts v. myths and foods that get a thumbs up or thumbs down according to creator V. Tortorich:
Fact … Your liver doesn’t care if it’s natural sugar or synthetic sugar.
Myth … Fat in your heart and clogged arteries, come from eating too much fatty food … hereditary
Myth …The food pyramid is the start of good eating … unless you turn it upside down and start with meat at the bottom.
Myth … Exercise is the way to lose weight … you can’t outrun a bad diet.
Thumbs down … Quinoa … it’s no better than any grain
Thumbs up … Butter
Thumbs down … Juicing … everything you’ve left behind is the good stuff (fiber), and you end up with a glass of sugar.
Thumbs down … Potatoes (white + sweet) … all sugar

Please download documentary FAT, which is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and on Blu-ray.
Director: Peter Curtis Pardini.
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