Chicken Bacon wraps keto recipe #MyKetoJourneyDay3

▪4 oz of chicken strips or loins
▪3 strips of bacon
▪1 tbsp butter
▪ 1 cup of green vegetable of your choice
▪iceberg Lettuce for wraps
▪1 avocado
▪1/8 cup of shredded cheese of your choice

•Heat the pan and lay your bacon until its cooked. Set aside bacon till it cool down.
• melt the butter into the pan where you cooked the bacon then put your chicken until golden brown. Set it aside to cool down.
• lay the lettuce I leaf of iceberg lettuce in a flat surface the fill it with the vegetable of your choice.
•Place the chicken and bacon strips on the top of the vegetable.
•Slice the avocado and place it in the top of the meat.
• sprinkle the shredded cheese of your choice
•Then carefully roll the lettuce wrap. Then its ready to serve!


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