Cauliflower Tomato Rice – Low Carb Recipe- A keto diet recipe – Keto Recipe-Cauliflower Fried Rice

Here the method of preparation of Cauliflower Tomato Rice – a keto diet recipe is given. Although the name given is as a rice , here the pieces of cauliflower are the rice substitute
Shredded Cauliflower 400 gms
A spoon of mustard seeds
4 Red chillies
2 Garlic cloves cut into pieces
6 Shallots cut into samll pieces
A sprig of Cilantro leaves
A spoon of Garam masala
A quarter spoon of turmeric powder
4 tomatoes cut into pieces
Salt to taste
20 ml of oil
100 ml of water
Heat the pan and pour in 10 ml of oil. Put in the mustard seeds and let them pop. Once the seeds pop put in the red chillies and the shallots and the garlic . Saute and mix until the shallots are a golden brown. Then put in the Garam masal and the turmeric powder. Saute and mix. Then put in the tomatoes and mix and crush the pieces. Then put in the Shredded cauliflower pieces. This can be done using a food processor. The cauliflower pieces are used here as a substitute for the rice. Mix and saute all the ingredients together. Now put in salt to taste. Mix the salt thoroughly into all the ingredients. Then pour in 100 ml of water. Mix all the ingredients in the water. Now close and cook for 5 to 10 minutes. Then open and put in the cilantro leaves as garnish. Mix and cook for one to two minutes and take off the flame


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