8 Tips For Longterm Keto Success [Number 8 Will Shock You]

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// T I M E S T A M P S
01:06 The number 1 way to succeed on keto is to cut your carbohydrates, slowly!
01:15 Symptoms of dropping your carbohydrates too quickly
02:04 Why the brain sends us signals for intense cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, and what to do about it
02:44 The process for dropping your carbohydrates slowly. Aim to drop your carbs by 25-50 total. Do this for a few days, up to a week before the next drop. Do this until you reach 25 grams of nets carbs for the day. Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber.
03:23 The number 2 way to succeed on the keto diet is to consume 7-10 cups of green leafy vegetables each day.
03:36 The most important electrolyte, and our daily requirement for it
05:13 The most common reason why people feel like crap on keto is sluggish bile! The third way to succeed on keto, consume ox bile and bitter rich foods.
05:20 The role bile plays with breaking down fat
06:18 Bitter rich foods that help you produce healthy bile
07:26 The 4th way to succeed on the keto diet, find an accountability partner
08:55 Helpful recommendations for staying consistent with the keto diet
09:34 The 5th way to succeed on the keto diet: sweat out the toxins and take BIND before bed.
09:50 How the body creates fat cells to store toxins coming into the body
10:27 How the keto diet forces the body to release toxins into the bloodstream
10:55 The importance of sweating each day, and how it activates the lymphatic system to move toxins around in the body
11:15 A very powerful supplement to take before bed which helps to remove toxins from the body: BIND by Systemic Formulas: http://bit.ly/2TW4ZpE
12:12 The 6th way to succeed on the keto diet: replenish your electrolytes every single morning with the Keto Kocktail
12:40 The side effects of losing too many electrolytes on the keto diet are headaches, keto flu, and not feeling right
13:45 The 7th way to succeed on the keto diet; once you become keto adapted, pair the keto diet with intermittent fasting
14:06 How intermittent fasting is similar to a muscle you are developing
14:15 Benefits of fasting that go beyond weight loss
15:05 The number 8 (AND THE MOST SHOCKING) way to succeed on the keto diet: do not stay in ketosis too long
15:22 When we study ancient culture, there’s not one culture that ever stuck with one diet longterm. The adaption that occurs creates magical benefits in the human body
15:54 Why the body will slow down fat burning when you are in ketosis too long
16:46 Why Keto Flex days (high healthy carb days) help teach the body that it is NOT starving, and helps to increase fat burning
16:53 The role insulin plays with thyroid health, and why we need an insulin spike periodically to convert inactive t4 thyroid to active form thyroid t3

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